Lee Falin

About Me

My name is Lee Falin, and I love to teach.

I grew up on technology: hacking, gaming, coding, and dreaming of the day when I could have my own Iron Man suit or Starship.

I worked in the IT industry for years, in everything from defense to bioinformatics / data science to commercial software startups, but these days, I mostly teach.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Illinois, and a PhD in Genetic, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology from Virginia Tech. I currently teach full-time as a CS professor at BYU-Idaho, where I love to find new and powerful ways to use technology to enhance learning.

I especially love to work with young children because of their natural thirst for knowledge and enthusiastic love of learning.

My dream is to one day teach school somewhere in rural Japan.


Currently, I teach computer science courses at BYU-Idaho. I love to design lessons around Team-Based Learning (TBL) paradigms, and am always looking for new ways to engage students in meaningful projects and discussions. I especially enjoy looking for ways to enhance learning using technology.

In the past I’ve taught robotics and programming courses in elementary schools and volunteered as a science and math teacher for a local homeschool cooperative. I’m also serve as a volunteer children’s choir director for my local church, where I get to spend my Sunday mornings teaching children to sing.

In addition to my formal teaching responsibilities, I love to spend time teaching science, math, and foreign-language to my five children.


I’ve worked on a number of research projects over the years, including the Ensemble Genomes and Microme projects at the European Bioinformatics Institute.


“I write because I love to teach. Writing is just another form of teaching, but with a much bigger and more diverse class.”
— Gerald N. Lund

Half Worlder

Half Worlder Cover

Half-worlder. Sub-human. Alien. Those are some of the more polite names people use to describe you when your mother is from another planet.

Fifteen-year-old Kristin Magnuson has grown up with these labels. Now she’s been chosen to take part in the Youth Ambassador program and train to become Earth’s youth ambassador to the Centauri system.

Just as she starts to feel like she is fitting in, she finds herself at the center of a deadly interstellar conspiracy that makes her question everything she thought she knew about herself and her family.


Science Fictioned

Science Fictioned Cover

What do goblins, zombie viruses, inept magicians, and alien-invasion survivors have in common? They all make wonderful story elements for teaching about real science.

Science Fictioned takes ideas from cutting-edge, scientific research papers and turns them into science fiction and fantasy stories. Learning science has never been this fun.




Polyglot Icon

Polyglot is a multi-language code editor for Windows that lets you focus on writing code, not configuring your system.

With just a few clicks, Polyglot lets you write and execute code in C#, VB.NET, Java, Clojure, C, C++, Python, and Perl.


My Family

I first met my amazing wife while we were both serving as volunteer missionaries in Brazil.

We have 5 wonderful children, and we love to explore the world together.

We’ve hidden from the Sheriff of Nottingham in Sherwood forest, reenacted the Battle of Hastings in England, climbed through ice tunnels, and cheered for imaginary charioteers in Greece. After a long day of adventuring, we all love to relax next to a pile of good books.

Currently, we’re studying Japanese together for an upcoming summer-trip to Japan. こんにちは!

Our Family

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