Lee Falin

Hi, I'm Lee Falin.

I’m a bioinformatician, computer science teacher, writer, and mentor.

Currently, I divide my professional time between teaching computer science courses in C++ and Java at BYU-Idaho, and working as the project lead for several software projects at Rogue Amoeba.

Bioinformatics / Data Science Experience:

  • Helped develop and implement algorithms to classify GPR associations in microbial gene networks using Oracle, MySQL, Perl and the LSF cluster, employing a variety of publicly available datasets.
  • Developed GPR graph networks visualizations using Java, and NoSQL DBMS systems such as MongoDB, Neo4J.
  • Designed and implemented the Microme reaction matrix REST API and data mart user interface.
  • Worked with the Ensembl Genomes team to help implement backend scripts for Ensembl Bacteria.
  • Worked with biologists at the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute to develop a variety of software-based research tools.

Project Management Experience:

  • Each semester, I teach two project-based, software design courses. Students are divided into 10 – 12 small software teams and assigned roles ranging from project manager to QA tester. I help mentor them as they plan, design, and implement real software projects for external stakeholders.
  • Throughout the semester, I help the students to learn and apply project-management principles such as: agile development, version control, and testing methodologies; as well as team management topics such as: conflict resolution, task management, milestone tracking, risk mitigation, and accountability.
  • At Rogue Amoeba, I’m the project lead for Airfoil for Windows, a commercial audio application. I’m also the project lead for several companion applications for iOS, Android, and Linux. The core software is written in C++, Java, C#, and Objective-C, with build-toolchain and integration scripts written in Python.