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Half Worlder

Half-worlder. Sub-human. Alien. Those are some of the more polite names people call you when your mother is from another planet.

Fifteen-year-old Kristin Magnuson has grown up with these labels. Now she’s been chosen to take part in the interplanetary Youth Ambassador program.

Just as she starts to feel like she's finally fitting in, she finds herself at the center of a deadly interstellar conspiracy that makes her question everything.

Amazon Reviews

“This book was fun to read. It is great for pre-teens and up. It was such a nice story. I hope to read more about Kristin and her friends in the future.”

“…managed to hit up major themes of prejudice and friendship and touched on ethics, but in the subtle, skillful, none preachy way that good writers for young people, like Lois Lowry…”

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