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Science Fictioned

What do goblins, zombie viruses, inept magicians, and alien-invasion survivors have in common? They all make wonderful story elements for teaching about real science.

Science Fictioned takes ideas from cutting-edge, scientific research papers and turns them into science fiction and fantasy stories. Learning science has never been this fun.

Amazon Reviews

“I LOVED this book!

First you get a fun, fact-based run-down on the scientific explanation–so well written that even a child can understand and so entertaining that it sticks with you.

Then you get an intriguingly entertaining fiction story that further examples that specific scientific effect in action in everyday life.


Science has never been so entertaining :)”

“This book is unlike any I’ve ever read. Reading it, I imagine myself in the basement of a library reading about some scientific concept. Then I fall asleep (with my face in the book) and have a random science fiction dream about the concept. Repeat several times.

The concept is creative and fun.”

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