Web Development Projects

This is a selection of web development work I’ve completed recently.

If you need someone to create or update a desktop or mobile app; or to help with a tricky data science / machine learning problem, I can help. 

Before contacting me, I strongly suggest you read through my contract guidelines.

Rogue Amoeba

I designed and developed multiple internal and public-facing web apps for Rogue Amoeba, including the knowledge-base and online product manual system, a storefront that integrates with Paddle APIs, and a support request system that integrates with HelpScout.


CrewPlannr was a small-business employee scheduling SaaS app I developed in my spare time in 2019, built with React, Node, and Firebase.

Unfortunately, just after I finished the MVP, the pandemic hit. The next two years were a pretty difficult time to market SaaS apps to small businesses, so I retired the app.

The European Bioinformatics Institute

One of my main roles at the European Bioinformatics Institute was to work on the Microme project — an international research collaboration studying the metabolic pathways of thousands of microorganisms.

I did a lot of data science work on this project, but also built the REST-API and web interface for the Microme Reaction Matrix, which integrated with the Ensembl Genomes browser.