Science Fictioned Volume 1 Cover

What do goblins, zombie viruses, inept magicians, and alien-invasion survivors have in common? They all make wonderful story elements for teaching about real science.

Science Fictioned takes ideas from cutting-edge, scientific research papers and turns them into science fiction and fantasy stories.

Learning science has never been this fun.

5 Stars

Amazon Reviewer

“First you get a fun, fact-based run-down on the scientific explanation–so well written that even a child can understand and so entertaining that it sticks with you.

Then you get an intriguingly entertaining fiction story that further examples that specific scientific effect in action in everyday life.

Science has never been so entertaining :)

I am highly impressed with this concept and hope that the author continues the series!”

Half Worlder Cover

Half-worlder. Sub-human. Alien. Those are some of the more polite names people use to describe you when your mother is from another planet.

Fifteen-year-old Kristin Magnuson has grown up with these labels. Now she’s been chosen to take part in the Youth Ambassador program and train to become Earth’s youth ambassador to the Centauri system.

Just as she starts to feel like she is fitting in, she finds herself at the center of a deadly interstellar conspiracy that makes her question everything she thought she knew about herself and her family.

5 Stars

Amazon Reviewer


“…it was an enjoyable read and an easy read. I really enjoyed how the story was presented. The author’s use of brackets was really cool (hard to explain, but you’ll see if you get the book). I’ll definitely check out future stories from Lee Falin.”

5 Stars

Amazon Reviewer

“just wish there was going to be a sequel.”

4 Stars

Amazon Reviewer

“Original and interesting!”

Lee Falin

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