About Lee

About Lee Falin

Lee first fell in love with science while watching old Star Trek episodes with his mother. After eventually completing a PhD in genetics, bioinformatics, and computational biology, he discovered that real science wasn’t at all like Star Trek. One day he realized that he enjoyed the fiction part of science fiction quite a bit more than the science part.

His favorite books include any good science fiction or fantasy story he wouldn’t be embarrassed to let his grandmother read, and anything written by Jane Austen.

Lee’s claims to fame include having served as the host for the Everyday Einstein podcast, making it to the final round of the Wheel of Fortune Teen Week tryouts, being a beekeeper, and winning the heart of the most amazing woman in the world.

Lee met his amazing wife while serving as a missionary in Brazil. They have five awesome children, and their family loves to travel around listening to great audiobooks. Lee’s current goal is to one day learn how to load the dishwasher with competence.

You canĀ purchase his books anywhere fine books are sold.