Lee J. Falin

Lee is a writer, teacher, bioinformatician, and homeschooler.

His first book, Half Worlder, debuted at number 4,489,241 on Amazon’s best seller list.

Lee is biding his time writing science fiction & fantasy until someone invents Starfleet.

Latest Book

A fun science fiction story about a young girl fighting to save her friends from space pirates, while trying to find her place in a galaxy that seems determined to despise her for what she is—a half worlder.

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Science Education

Why do apples turn brown? Could Jurassic Park really happen? Can onions cure the flu?

Discover the answers to these and other science questions by listening to Everyday Einstein, my weekly science education podcast on the Quick and Dirty Tips Network.

If you like science and science fiction, check out this series of articles I’ve written for Tor.com exploring the science in popular works of science fiction and fantasy.